At Queequeg Renewables we are committed to driving the evolution to better energy. Our founders were early pioneers in the development, financing, and operation of large-scale renewable energy projects.

Having forged valuable partnerships with key industry players over the last two decades, our team is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for renewable energy.

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Wind power is a very clean energy source and is one of the fastest-growing and lowest-cost sources of renewable energy worldwide. In the right location, wind can be an inexhaustible resource and the turbines themselves take up minimal space, are low maintenance and do not disrupt farmland.


The UK Government have set out a blueprint for the future of energy in the UK. With regard to solar energy the aim is to roll out five-fold increase in solar energy generation, up to 70GW by 2035. Farmers and landowners get fantastic, long-term returns from installing solar farms which are low impact, have minimal visible and ground-level impact; and landowners can continue to graze livestock on their land whilst improving biodiversity and creating new habitats for small birds, insects and bees.


The future of energy depends on our ability to store it. The generation of some forms of renewable energy can be unpredictable. Battery storage systems can enable the flexible use of renewable energy and in doing so maximise the output from intermittent low carbon energy generation (e.g., solar and wind). Battery storage systems are a key component to balancing the the UK’s electricity system and offer landowners the opportunity to convert underutilised land into profitable sites.

Our team

Queequeg Renewables is headquartered in London, with offices in Edinburgh and Milan. Our expert team specialises in taking renewable energy projects through all stages of development, from site selection to grid connection, planning, construction commissioning, and operation.

Jobs at Queequeg

We are always on the lookout for new talent. If you would like to join our expanding team please email: [email protected]