Specialist environmental consultancy will advise on measures to deliver biodiversity net gain (BNG) at renewable energy projects across the country

London and Newcastle upon Tyne, UK – Wednesday 8 May 2024Queequeg Renewables, the breakthrough UK developer of renewable energy projects, has today announced a new partnership with Biodiverse Consulting, a UK environmental consultancy that specialises in biodiversity net gain (BNG). The two companies are working together on five solar and BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) projects across the UK to ensure that each site meets its BNG targets.

BNG was mandated as part of The Environment Act 2021 and came into force in February this year. The law ensures that developments affecting habitats for wildlife are left in a measurably better state than they were before by at least 10 percent.

Commenting on the partnership, Chris Binns, UK Planning Director at Queequeg Renewables, said, “Well-designed and managed solar farms in particular contribute a range of important ecosystem features. They can support sustainable agriculture, regulate air quality, mitigate flood risk, generate new habitats, and reduce carbon emissions.

“The solar panels themselves are installed on posts, meaning there is minimal disturbance to the ground – typically only around one to two percent of the total site area. This means the rest of the land is available for sheep-grazing and to actively improve the local environment through wildflower meadows or re-wilding.”

Solar farms improve local biodiversity by supporting new and existing plant and animal life in a range of ways, both on-site and also on nearby land. These include:

  • Establishing wildflower meadows and grasslands: The large spaces between ground-mounted solar panels provide plenty of space to create new habitats for pollinators, butterflies, and ground-nesting birds.
  • Preserving and supporting new hedgerow growth: To reverse hedgerow loss, a major concern for countryside management across the UK, new solar projects aim to preserve, restore, or even deliver new hedgerow growth.
  • Preserving and promoting new wetland habitats: On-site drainage and water management systems can be specifically designed to incorporate wetland habitats. These systems reduce local flood risk and support terrestrial and aquatic life with wetlands and ponds.

Binns continued, “As a renewable energy developer, Queequeg is committed to maintaining and improving the environment. This includes preserving existing habitats, creating new ones, and enhancing biodiversity at each of our sites.

“The expert team at Biodiverse Consulting works with us from a project’s initial concept stage to understand the flora and fauna on site and the habitats and wildlife that are present. They then create a bespoke solution that maximises a new site’s positive impact for people and wildlife alike. Their insight is invaluable.”

Vicki Mordue, Founder and Director of Biodiverse Consulting, said, “Protecting habitats and encouraging biodiversity is now a legal requirement and should be a serious consideration for landowners and developers. Every new development must from the outset calculate the BNG potential and incorporate measures that encourage biodiversity gains and support surrounding habitats.”

Mordue explained, “For companies to deliver mandatory 10 percent biodiversity net gains, they must thoroughly understand the risks and opportunities of each individual project. Our integrated approach involves expert guidance at each stage of the development process – beginning with preliminary risk and opportunity appraisals, followed by survey and assessment for planning and monitoring: through to construction and ongoing operations.

“From working with Chris and the team, it is clear that Queequeg takes the issue of biodiversity extremely seriously and works hard to transform each of its sites into spaces where local species thrive,” she added.

“As passionate advocates of business and biodiversity working hand in hand for a better planet, we are delighted to support Queequeg with its UK solar projects.”

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About Queequeg Renewables

Queequeg Renewables is a leading renewable energy specialist focused on solar, wind and storage technology. Founded in 2019, Queequeg comprises a highly experienced team with decades of industry expertise in the UK and Italy. As pioneers in the development, financing, and operation of utility-scale facilities, Queequeg has forged valuable partnerships with key industry players. By embracing an integrated approach, Queequeg leverages economies of scale and continually enhances the quality and efficiency of its operations.

At Queequeg Renewables, we are dedicated to meeting the growing demand for renewable energy and delivering high-quality power solutions. Our strategic approach involves a relentless pursuit of niche, high-value opportunities in wind, storage, and solar power projects. We achieve this by collaborating with local partners and employing our own expert development team.

We are proud to be driving the energy transition and expanding our operations to act as a platform for sustainable energy. Queequeg is committed to addressing the need for sustainable energy with unwavering dedication. As we rapidly grow in size and scope, we strive to exceed our current business limits and play a pivotal role in meeting the rising demand for clean and reliable energy.

For more on Queequeg Renewables, visit www.quren.co.uk

About Biodiverse Consulting

Biodiverse Consulting was launched in 2019 by Vicki Mordue, who is passionate about enhancing places for people and nature. She believes that delivered in the right way, responsible development can make a positive impact on our natural world.

With over 20 years of experience delivering commercial environmental projects, Vicki has a track record of establishing successful environmental consultancies in the UK and Ireland and a reputation for delivering services that meet clients’ needs and benefit nature.

Biodiverse Consulting offers a range of services including biodiversity net gain, nutrient neutrality and business development CPD training.

For more on Biodiverse Consulting, visit www.biodiverseconsulting.co.uk


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