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Our team of renewable energy specialists are committed to making world-class energy from solar, wind and storage technologies. We combine our deep industry, regulatory and technology expertise with a transparent and meticulous approach to every project.

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Wind power is one of the fastest-growing and lowest-cost sources of renewable energy worldwide. Wind turbines take up minimal space and do not disrupt farmland.


Farmers and landowners get fantastic, long-term returns from installing solar farms. With minimal visible and ground-level impact landowners can continue to graze livestock on their land.


The future of energy depends on our ability to store it. Battery storage systems offer landowners the opportunity to convert underutilised agricultural or brownfield land into profitable sites.

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Currently under active development
Currently under active development

From the Director

“The stakeholders involved in our projects – from landowners and investors through to local governments and communities – depend upon the insight, expertise, and reliability of our team to deliver. We carry out detailed due diligence and analysis, and we get everything done within a timely manner.”
Gabriella Palla
President, Queequeg Renewables
Gabriella Palla

Landowner Partnerships

Fostering strong and transparent long-term relationships with landowners is at the heart of our mission. We specialise in providing clear guidance, helping landowners identify opportunities to develop valuable utility-scale renewable energy assets on their land.