Chris is our UK Planning Director at Queequeg Renewables. He is a Chartered Town Planner and has been a Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute since 2009.

Chris joined Queequeg in 2022 and is a specialist in the consenting of large-scale renewable energy projects. He has 17 years planning and development experience spanning local government, private consultancy, offshore and onshore energy.

Chris leads our UK Planning Team in delivering our development pipeline of solar, wind and energy storage projects.


“I specialise in the consenting of large-scale energy projects. I manage our UK Planning Team to deliver our portfolio of solar, wind and energy storage projects”
Christopher Binns
Planning Director

What motivates you about the renewable energy sector?

As a Planner, sustainability will always be at the forefront of everything I do. Early iterations of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) described sustainable development as a ‘golden thread’ running through plan-making and decision-taking.

My aim, as we strive to meet Net Zero targets is to be the facilitator of lasting, meaningful change. I don’t think there is a more rewarding or progressive sector to be involved in.

Besides gaining planning consent, what does your role entail?

I lead our UK Planning Team on all from initial site selection and due diligence, through the Planning system to pre-construction phase. A huge part of my role is assessing constraints and identifying mitigation in order to shape our project development strategies and targets.

How does your personality add value to the team?

Having worked in fast-paced project environments over the years I tend to naturally adapt to changing circumstances. I’d like to think that I help cultivate an environment that fosters open communication and innovation, and that I contribute to Queequeg's success by energising the team and driving results through teamwork and cooperation.